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Mitchell Bruce Weissman was born on May 31st, 1953. He has played on various artists' albums including collaborations with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley of the rock group "KISS".

Mitch Weissman performed at Beatlefest in 1991 sitting in for Sal, bass player for "LIVERPOOL".

That was a very exciting weekend for me because I had always wanted to meet this man. I never had the opportunity to meet him while he was in the production of "BEATLEMANIA".

Mitch performing "FIGURE OF 8"

at Chicago Beatlefest, 1991

While standing in line on Friday evening waiting to get into the ballroom for the opening of Beatlefest 91, I was paging through the program to see what Mark had in store for us that weekend. My friends were off to the side talking to more friends. As I got to the page where Liverpool's bio was, I scanned the names of the group. I couldn't believe what I was reading: "Mitch Weissman will be filling in for Sal this weekend". I screamed, yep I screamed. I probably looked like an idiot or they thought I was freaking out because everyone turned around to look at me. "Oh My God Vikki, Mitch is here!!" Everyone in line was looking at me. They didn't know what the heck I was talking about. Vikki came to me immediately. All I kept saying was "Mitch is here, Mitch is here". I was so excited I couldn't stop shaking. Vikki had tried to calm me down! Ha, that wasn't an easy task.

I couldn't stop yapping. I couldn't believe that Mitch Weissman was actually going to be playing at Beatlefest. In the ballroom that evening I sat and waited patiently. Mind you I DO NOT enjoy waiting and especially patiently! As the group appeared on the stage, there he was. My mouth dropped opened. I hadn't seen Mitch Weissman in at least 10 years. I had this ridiculous smile on my face. My friends knew I was definitely a happy camper that weekend. Liverpool was great that night, not that they weren't great to begin with, BUT that added surprise made them even greater. The audience, as always, was energized which made Mitch Weissman's performance more energizing!

As the concert came to an end that evening there were people everywhere. Swarming around him as if someone was handing free money out! Everyone wanted pictures with Mitch. So did I, but not that time. I didn't want to bother him plus I was petrified to even walk up to him. My girlfriend's kept telling me to go up to him, but I just couldn't. I was frozen (this could be a plug for one of his songs on his C.D. Tip of The Iceberg!). As he finally got the chance to leave the ballroom I thought I could at least ask him for an autograph. He passed me right by, no I didn't. I was scared to death, don't ask me why I just was.

As everyone met in the bar that night, as some Beatlefesters do, in walked various members of Liverpool. Then Mitch walked in and all you heard was people calling his name. The poor guy had to hop from table to table so that he could talk and have his picture taken. There was no way in the world I was going to bother him. I just couldn't. He was finally sitting down, kicking back and that's all he needed was some silly female (that would be me!) bothering him. So I gave him his space.

As the weekend progressed my friends and I did our usual "thing". Video room, flea market, walking all over. Mitch was also checking out various rooms from time to time. I left him alone. That evening at the Saturday concert we listened to Liverpool. They were great as usual and I thought to myself "I've got to do this. I've been waiting to meet this man for a very long time and the opportunity may never come up again". As the concert closed, everyone again swarmed around Mitch. I didn't want to be pushy and I guess I was still a little scared to talk to him. I stood off to the side and waited (yeah I waited, not patiently tho). As he was about to pass me I stopped him. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. "Excuse me, Mr. Weissman?" "Yes.." he said, "Could you please sign this picture?" "Sure" he said. As he looked at the 8x10 photograph he said "WoW". I had handed him a picture I had taken at "Beatlemania". He was sitting at the piano and the red apple was on top. He said "All Those Years Ago" and that's exactly how he signed it. "All Those Years Ago, Mitch Weissman". I also handed him the playbill from "BEATLEMANIA" and he was kind enough to sign that as well. This man has to have patience to put up with all these fans. He does it well. He knows that without his fans, he wouldn't be what he is today. We talked for a few minutes while he was signing and then he left. I said "thank you". As he left I thought I was dreaming. I still didn't get a photo with him. I just couldn't inconvenience Mitch. He just wanted to jump in the shower. So I sat down and thought "If I don't get a picture with him, I won't be a happy camper!"

Sunday, the last day. I figured I had to get my picture today because I'd probably never see him again. After the final concert swarms of people again. This time, with my friends to give me that extra added support and push I needed, I got enough courage to go up to him and ask him if I could get a picture with him. I finally got my pictures, hallelujiah. He was very kind about the whole thing. How any musician can have the patience to make fans happy is beyond me. I guess I can never be a musician!

Beatlefest was over and I thought I would never see Mitch Weissman again. I was wrong, Beatlefest 93, reading the program, paging through, Liverpool bio, yep screaming again, there it was in plain bxw. Mitch Weissman has taken the place of Sal. And the rest as they say is history...........

The first time I saw Mitch Weissman was in a commercial advertising the Broadway production of "Beatlemania". Mitch Weissman has been on many television programs - "Joanie Loves Chachi", "Friday Nites", "Kids are PeopleToo", "The Merv Griffin Show" to name a few. Mitch has traveled all over the world, Japan, Venezuela, Australia, Canada etc. I hope you enjoy my Mitch Weissman page.



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