Welcome to my "Liverpool" page. The greatest Beatles sound-alike band of all time! Liverpool joined "Beatlefest" in 1979. Original members included Chris Camilleri (drums & vocals), Drew Hill (rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals) Neal Avener (bass, vocals) and Jonathan Rupolo (lead guitar and vocals).

The following are photographs taken by Carol Lapidos for all past Beatlefest programs. Printed by permission from Mark Lapidos.

Liverpool has been a vital part of every BEATLEFEST since 1979. These 4 'lads' from Long Island, NY, highlight each evening by performing live, the greatest music ever recorded.


1983 Liverpool has just recorded their first single on Caromar Records (Mark and Carol Lapidos' label) One side is a Drew Hill original called No Regrets, and the other side is a remake of Bad To Me, Lennon/McCartney song that the Beatles never recorded. Liverpool recorded it as they imagined the Beatles would have done!



Liverpool has performed at 30 National Beatlefests, since 1979. This year Sal Disclafani joins the group, replacing Neal, who has decided to persue other interests. From Left to right, Sal, Chris Camilleri, Jonathan Rupolo, and Drew Hill.

Mitch Weissman has now joined the group. He stood in for Sal in 1991, who was unable to attend for personal reasons. Liverpool was unable to play at Beatlefest 92 however Drew was there. When they returned in 93, we see the new Liverpool. From left to right , Drew Hill, Mitch Weissman, Chris Camilleri & Monroe Quinn (new member).

Liverpool, the World's Finest Beatles Sound-Alike Band joins us for their 60th National Beatlefest since 1979!! After a 5 year hiatus, we welcome back original band member Jonathan Rupolo on Lead Guitar. From left to right are Chris Camilleri (Drums) Jonathan, Mitch Weissman (Bass), & Drew Hill (Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar).

Exit Mitch Weissman, Enter Tommy Galvin

Liverpool 2003
John Merjave, Chris Camilleri, Drew Hill, Tommy Galvin

New Liverpool - 2005
Tommy Galvin exits, enter Glen Burtnik
Drew Hill, Chris Camilleri, Glen Burtnik, John Merjave

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